Jean Kuhr Orphanage

Jean Kuhr Orphanage

Phnom Penn Cambodia

Transforming Lives From The KILLING FIELDS

To The


Seeing first hand the killing fields and a school turned into a prison complete with a torture and death chamber, makes me realize the need for the love of Christians to be sent to this part of the world. Tens of thousands of innocent men, women and children were executed by Poll Pot and his followers. Today we see another injustice. Our sources share with us the tremendous need of the 20,000 to 200,000 orphans in Cambodia largely concentrated in the capital Phnom Penn. In the capital you will find the street children orphaned by HIV-Aids, TB and hundreds of thousands of land mines scattered all over the country left over from the invasion of the Vietnamese military. Poll Pot was defeated when Viet Nam negotiated the end of hostilities and returned to Viet Nam. Today the people of this country are still paying the price of war. Now we have the burden to help the helpless. One day they will be able to help themselves.

The children at Jean Kuhr Orphanage have an opportunity to have NEW LIFE in Christ. The ministry is named to honor Jean Kuhr (pronounced Sean). Jean worked at our Florida ministry for many years and has a real burden and love for the people of Cambodia. It is very fitting that this ministry is named after him.

The children have devotions in the morning before breakfast. Some go to school in the morning and others go in the afternoon. All have responsibilities around the ministry. After the supper meal the children have free time. All days end with devotions. Then the mosquito nets are set up and the children bed down for the night.

The ministry is located on an island named the Widows’ Island, land that has been made available for the purpose of helping the children. The ministry has land to grow vegetables for meals. Another means of support is the weaving of bracelets which take many hours to make. The brightly colored bracelets are sold for one dollar which is what it costs to feed one person for one day. Feeding is a small part of our expenses.