Ashira-Adonijah Campus

Ashira-Adonijah Campus

Yangon, Myanmar (formally Burma)

Ashira-Adonijah is a unique and beautiful name. The campus is named to honor the short life of a beautiful ten-week old girl from Texas. She made her mark on family and friends alike and to this day, she is still affecting lives all over the world, especially the lives of the orphaned children of Yangon. Ashira means “I will sing,” Adonijah means “God is my Lord” and Seraiah means “God has prevailed.” The name is hyphenated to make a joint statement. Ashira-Adonijah is both fitting and prophetic as the Burmese people love to sing praises to the Lord.

Ashira-Adonijah Seraiah Murphy


Picture was taken 8 days before She
went home to be with The Lord.